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Barbados Flag Design 

(Belly Ring Picture attached for reference, Flag Design Differs)

Please choose Flag Style 1 or 2

  • Take a trip to Barbados in total style! It is a 14 gauge navel ring and is made with a 3/8 inch gold plating over a stainless steel curved barbell. It has a 5mm acrylic top ball end, which is set with a clear gem, while the bottom end is composed of a single clear gem. Dangling beneath it is the customized crowned V.I Flag. 


    Body Jewelry Disclaimer

    Mary Mag and Co advise that this jewelry is NOT made for first time piercings or surgical steel.  Navel area should be completely healed as this is just an accessory.


    Mary Mag and Co is NOT responsible for any infections, bruising, swelling, cuts or any ailments from wearing this jewelry or any damage to jewelry caused by outside sources. Our quality guarantee covers manufacturing defects only. We are not responsible for damage of dangling body jewelry during improper wear including sleeping, bathing, clothing obstructions, etc. Appropriate care should be taken when wearing suspended body jewelry.

    To maintain the life and quality of your body jewelry:

    Clean and change your jewelry correctly and on a regular basis. It will last longer and you will help to keep your piercings healthy and clean.

    How to Wash Your Body Jewelry

    Wash your body jewelry with antibacterial soap.  Make a lather in your hands then place the jewelry in your hands and wash under warm water for at least few minutes. Be gentle, but intentional.

    Clean twists and turns, around the base of posts, and any other hard-to-reach spots. Rinse well and then dry gently with a paper towel.

    Correct and regular cleaning is especially important for anodized, electroplated, and plated body jewelry as well as matte plated body jewelry or jewelry with matte ball ends. 

    Both saliva and lotion can damage coated body jewelry over time, as well as constant wear or the use of incorrect cleaning supplies. Scrubbing/brush tools are not recommended on coated or uncoated jewelry. Try a SOFT brush only if you're having issues on getting dirt out. Any extra friction from cleaning tools runs the risk of scratching your jewelry.

     Do not soak or clean acrylic body jewelry or acrylic ball ends in alcohol. The jewelry will shatter.

    • Barbell tongue rings may be affected by acidic food and alcohol consumption. Discoloration is one adverse effect.
    • Threaded balls should be checked often to make sure they have not come loose while being worn.
    • Use care when tightening acrylic balls as they can be easily stripped if overtightened.
    • Be careful of snagging dangle jewelry on your hair and clothes.




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